Leave the Boat

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I read something on Pinterest a really long time ago (like probably a year and a bit or so) and it really resonated with me. Honestly probably because I thought it sounded pretty, but it’s one of those things that I just keep thinking of, over and over and over again.

Leave the boat.

Leave the boat.

But what does that mean? I don’t own a boat. Nobody that I hang out with on a daily basis owns a boat. I haven’t been on a boat in months. What boat am I supposed to be leaving? It can’t be a literal boat.

So I prayed about it & spent some time in the Word, and I think I figured it out.

In the Gospels, after the feeding of the five thousand, the disciples got into a boat and Jesus told them that He would meet them on the other side of the lake. Jesus went up the mountain to pray and then He made His way to the disciples, walking on the water. While you can read this story in Matthew, Mark and John, the one that I want to talk about is Matthew. It’s found in chapter 14, verses 22-33. (Give it a read, it’s super quick, I promise.)

So as Jesus makes His way towards the disciples, they all cry out in fear, not surprisingly. Wouldn’t you be terrified if you saw a man walking on water? Peter does not believe that it truly is the Lord, so he tells Jesus to call him out on the water.

At first, Peter is able to walk on the water. But then he shifts his eyes, and he takes his focus off of Jesus, and suddenly he begins to sink. Because Peter chose to look at the wind, and the waves, and the things surrounding him that he feared, he couldn’t do it.

I’m the kind of person who really loves plans and routines and schedules. I like to always know exactly what is going to happen right down to the finest details. Sometimes this is a really good thing, and other times it robs me of the fun that can come with surprise or spontaneity. But I always thought that this realm of comfort zones that I trapped myself in was more of a general thing, and not specifically a faith thing.

I have learned to find contentment in staying exactly where I am. I have found a happy medium where I can express myself and express my faith, but hold back from possibly offending anyone or becoming too “annoying”. To leave the boat would mean jumping over the edge, away from my comfort zone, away from the things that I am familiar with, and into the realms of things that scare me. There are going to be many unknowns, many things that I have never dealt with before that I will be forced to deal with now. I admit, I am fearful. I am scared to live out my faith to the extent that I feel I need to, because I just don’t know exactly where it will lead me, and the thought of not being in control absolutely terrifies me.

If you are a Christian there is a very, very, very, good chance that you know the song Oceans. Since it’s release five years ago, it has been sung in billions of churches around the world and has become one of those songs that everyone is familiar with. With a song like that, I find that it becomes very easy to just sing the words, absent mindedly, and not really put much thought into what they truly mean. This song came on while I was writing this blog post. And man. I saw those lyrics in a different light.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.

What does it mean to trust without borders? It means to let go of all control. To allow God sovereign power over everything that I do. To surrender, to release the grip I have to my own will, and allow His will to be the only one. It is the ultimate test of faith. But as long as our eyes are fixed on Jesus, and not on the outside forces that will try to knock us down, we will be able to walk on the waves.

So. I am leaving the boat. I am choosing to surrender to God. I am choosing to release all control. I am choosing to trust without borders, and to travel deeper than my feet could wander. I don’t know exactly what leaving the boat will entail, or what is going to come my way, or the storms that might try to knock me down, but my eyes are fixed on Jesus. And He will lead me. All I need to do is have faith.

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