Why the Bible Matters

Last year, I became painfully aware of how biblically illiterate I was. Despite growing up in a Christian family, before last year I had never read the entire Bible. The extent of my Bible knowledge was whatever I had heard in church, from sermons I listened to, family devotions, or books I read. It was [...]

19 Things I Learned in 2019

This year was packed with new and exciting things! I moved back home, completed my practicum for lab assisting, graduated from college, started casual positions at three different hospitals, got engaged, and began wedding planning. There have been many trials and roadbumps throughout the year, but my relationship with Jesus has grown more than ever [...]

Who are you?

I recently watched the movie "Overcomer" in theatres. It's the newest film from the Kendrick Brothers (if you haven't seen any of their other ones, you really should!) and I highly recommend watching it! It focuses on a man who is a teacher and a basketball coach. The problem is, a factory that employs most of the [...]