Why the Bible Matters

Last year, I became painfully aware of how biblically illiterate I was. Despite growing up in a Christian family, before last year I had never read the entire Bible. The extent of my Bible knowledge was whatever I had heard in church, from sermons I listened to, family devotions, or books I read. It was [...]

Who are you?

I recently watched the movie "Overcomer" in theatres. It's the newest film from the Kendrick Brothers (if you haven't seen any of their other ones, you really should!) and I highly recommend watching it! It focuses on a man who is a teacher and a basketball coach. The problem is, a factory that employs most of the [...]

kids camp 2019

I can honestly say that this year of kids camp was by far my favourite year as a counsellor. I started it off with a simple prayer: that the girls in my cabin would leave impacted by whatever happened. And what a special week it was! I had a cabin full of the sweetest grade [...]

the world behind me.

I saw a post the other day about bold surrender to Christ and it hasn't left my mind. I keep seeing whispers of the same message everywhere. When I opened my devotional book yesterday morning. When I pulled up Pinterest on my phone. When I turned to a random page in my Bible. In the [...]

For the Unborn

I did not want to write this post. Every fibre of my being has wanted to stay silent. But there has been a constant nudging at my heart for nearly two weeks now, and I have spent countless time praying over it. That if God wanted me to write this post, He would give me the words to use. [...]