Twenty Songs for Christmas

Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year. It's spent with family, celebrating our Saviour's birth. It is so beautiful and special. I wanted to share a list of some of my all time favourite Christmas songs. This list is largely inspired by my Dad (love you, Dad!) and is like the "soundtrack [...]


A few months ago, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Inside that bouquet was the cutest little succulent. When the rest of the bouquet died, my mom took the succulent out and planted it in the tiniest terracotta pot, because she thought it might take root. For many weeks it sat on our kitchen [...]

do not be yoked

When I was in grade 7, I had a very serious crush on a boy. Hormones were raging in our junior high hallway, and it seemed that all of my friends had gotten themselves boyfriends, while I found myself on the sidelines. But this boy. He was different. He seemed interested in me too. I [...]

kids + Jesus

Last week was one of my favourite weeks of the summer: Kids Camp! It was my fourth year counselling and my first year as a SENIOR counsellor so it brought a whole new level of responsibility and excitement to the week. I had two amazing junior counsellors, and we had a cabin with ten girls [...]